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  1. oh, and I also read a psychology book about shyness and social anxiety some years back (which I didn't finish) talking about this thing, and I'm just passing the information that I understood and remember from it in my comment
  2. why did I get a pentalty for this, I was being serious. this is how you deal with shyness. start at where you can do it from, and increase the difficulty. Like, right off the bat if you're too shy to sing, then you AIN'T GONNA SING. so basically telling her to just sing, may not make her sing just because she's been told that it's okay and there's nothing wrong with singing. because she's still gonna be feeling that nervousness especially if she's really shy, and you're gonna need that drive to really do it. so I told her to start singing ONE word, and then sing TWO words, and then more, and more, til she gets comfortable to singing more, and end up singing fully. it might sound like I'm exaggerating, but some people are just REALLY that shy that they might not be able to sing right off the bat, and that's why you should do something else to make them ACTUALLY sing. so the person who reported me I'm not a jerk!
  3. ahhhh, very interesting. thank you. yeah, she's really good at running. I dream to run as good as her one day. I run because of her, I AM her. Amen
  4. There are quiet ways to practice, so you can still improve without letting other people hear you! It's not always about your voice that needs to be trained. If you're still too shy to sing, you can practice breath control since it's pretty quiet, stick your tongue out to train to relieve tongue tension, or just do what I do sometimes when there are other people in my house and I want to practice singing. Put your hand on your mouth and do some exercises if you know any (but then again... you'd probably have to learn what the exercises would feel like first, and the only way to do that is if you can hear it properly...). And then maybe one day you can take your hand off your mouth and just simply start and experiment with your voice. Try humming. I remember it was much easier to be on pitch when I hum than when I sing, so you could be less scared when training your voice. The main thing in getting over anything that makes you shy in general, is to expose yourself in that thing (so your brain can learn that it's safe to do this thing, and it's nothing you should be afraid of). So the only way to get over being shy to sing, is to sing. It's not always going to be the same for everyone on how fast they build confidence. But just do whatever's going to build your confidence. Like, if we're going to use Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" as an example, first you can just sing one word "touch". And then try singing two words "Touch my", then three words, then four words. Then finally, you can sing "Touch my body, GIVE ME WHAT I DESERVE!" in your room, and your family will think you're a weirdo. This dog in my profile pic looks really cute.
  5. She is straining right? or am I wrong :3 2:33 build up to a G5