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  1. Thank you for responding. At some point I could sing over a backing track but I don’t have a great mic so it might sound strange. I’ve never had any training or a coach unfortunately. I’ve always been too insecure about my voice until very recently. I do hope to get one in the near future.
  2. I messed up the words and whatnot but either way here's two examples of me singing. I feel like I'm very tense and nasal at times, and on Silent Night I got throaty and in Purple Rain the high note was just yelling, so I was wondering how to work on these flaws. Silent.wav purplrain.wav
  3. I'm trying to unlearn a lot of bad habits I've picked up in my singing, through a combination of listening to and emulating singers who strain, and also from me trying to sing around my voice when I went through puberty. I'm just looking for advice and critiques on my current vocal situation, and how I can become more comfortable on an F4 and above, because now i tend to tense up in that area. SilentNigh.wav