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  1. This evokes huge memories of a past love. How we are triggered by music in the different stages of our lives. Van Morrison to me encapsulates so much emotion.......
  2. My contribution to this topic. I believe that a song reaching deep into our own inner being, our personal journey through life evokes the emotional responses that we feel. Music is the vehicle to communicate in ways that simple words cannot. Songs like Gone Too Soon (MJ), Always On My Mind (The King), Bridge Over Troubled Water (S & G) I feel that it would be hard not to be moved by. I guess music is a mirror of our spirits on this earth. Sorry rather deep but my sincere thoughts. Of course technically a song in a minor key would evoke a darker response than a major key but like the grating chalk some songs (for me electro musak) I'd prefer deafening silence whatever key it happens to be in. Here are some of the songs which evoke my emotional responses and I would love your thoughts on these guys on how they make you feel.. Good, bad or indifferent. Thank you and great topic!!
  3. I hope you're not offended by this but I do feel that you need to take on board Robert and Draven's advice, both with wide experience of vocal techniques. In my own experience I have found that eating humble pie and listening to the sound advice of Robert has improved my voice immensely. In short, your voice won't improve without hard work and applying well-proven vocal exercises to give you the support that you need.  I feel that the most accurate way to asses your voice is to be brutally honest. If others don't like it (for example I was singing in falsetto with a very harsh tone) then TAKE ADVICE and do the hard work to correct it. I wish you all the best but please listen and learn from those more experienced. Believe me you will be doing yourself a huge favor!