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  1. bigdreams97

    Please review my singing!

    Well firstly I'd recommend you to get the sync perfect. . It's kinda hard to listen to off sync! You've got a nice timbre.. but at 0:42 you suddenly change your tone.. avoid that! And also the volume on the violin is too loud Make these corrections and repost!.. it'll be awesome!
  2. bigdreams97

    Please review my singing!

    Hey! Thank you for reviewing! Now I have a problem with putting my anger out.. that is I can't scream at all! Would help if you had any advice on it! The link which you've posted directs to my channel !
  3. bigdreams97

    Please review my singing!

    Hey people! I've been singing since a while now. . So I'd like any advices that'll help me improve.
  4. bigdreams97

    I'd like to know what you all think!

    Sorry! I am new to the forum!
  5. This is my first post here! Appreciate advices!