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  1. Ow I do believe that this was a deliberate removal, I have watched how the mods moderate and remove threads in the past and it is just not myself who was complaining about there posts remove for no good dam reason but to take a whole 2 weeks worth out like that is just not on (and that included review my singing)! and I really wish Kenvin had not of reposted I would of been more then happy to see the owners hear suffer the consequences of there actions and have no one post on hear for week because that is what they deserve, if you are going to treat people like shit that that is what will happen! no I am not going to go off on a tit for tat argument hear quoting every pointless sticks and stones remark made above and say goody goody ner ner. I am just going to go on my way now
  2. Hi how are you doing fellow singers. Let me introduce myself then. I am an old time user of this forum that has since in the last 3 days ago decided not to use this forum any more; and the reason I have made this decision is because and since then some bright spark who moderates this forum for some strange reason has decided to delete and remove the entire past 2 weeks worth of postings and threads and yes this would include those of you that have paid premium fees such as having your singing review. I find this a disgusting attitude and complete bigotery! and no doubt by my attitude and tone of my voice some of you will know who I am or once was. So on that note its lights out for me and close the door and I'm out of hear and done. But I am sure you will be glad to see the back of me since I did not purchase your product anyway So go on and do it! do your best of craftmanships and remove this thread and user ID like you have done with the rest of the last 2 weeks of data. And BTW well done you Kevin A for recontributing to this forum (to a 4 week old post) well done you for playing into there hands for playing there evil little game and honestly do you have nothing better to do with your time. Thanks for reading and yours sincerely all the best to you all in your singing success and careers. But I am sorry I can no longer play this game any longer as I have found a bigot whom is now my new vocal coach BTW I am going to bed now as it is 1am GMT hear in the UK and I will not return for a good good 18 hours and work in the morning and everything ells so I will not know what you have done since then. But at least I try LOL