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  1. Hi again, I tried support in these recordings but either I don't know how to do it properly because my throat still hurts. Like a grater was used on it. I'm currently using lozenges to soothe. Of late my voice has been raspy, I don't know why because my voice isn't usually like this. The ENT I went to said he sees nothing wrong with my vocal chords on the stoboscopy, he doesn't understand why I'm raspy now or sore throat. He says I'm probably going to have to do more tests. I'm still of the opinion that diaphragm breathing/ support only assists with sore neck & not throat. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help (Why is there no gospel tag? Is it cause it's not really a genre, cause you can get gospel rock, gospel rap etc. It's similar to animation where it's not a genre cause it could be a drama or comedy etc? if so where do hymns sit?) Mountains of mercy - Gaithers Vocal Band Hosanna
  2. Hi Jon Jon Thank you for the advice. Yes it was an ENT. By support do you mean breathing? If so I was under the impression I was using air at the ("whaaaaaat") mark (my poor attempt at a belt ). This might seem a silly question but how does one incorporate support (breathing exercises) with actual lyrics (actual singing)? I sing that lightly cause it hurts to use more volume. Quick question do you understand my thought process in terms of the sore throat vs sore neck thing? If so am I completely off base with my thinking? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi it's me again. Please go to this link to hear me sing The pain is not in the following song. But after singing it six times the pain registers again. I have registered two pains. 1 sore throat 2 sore neck I personally believe that diaphragm breathing alleviates the second pain but not the first. Cause that feels like a flu. And that's my main problem with my allergies. I can push through neck pain but not throat pain. My doctor said drink tea & take lozenges, exercise 30 minutes a day, warm up before singing, get rid of the dust causing my allergies. wash my sheets in 70 degree water. I have done all of the above. But the sore throat is still here. Even if I talk excessively at work it hurts, right now I'm healing my throat with lozenges, because of a 7 minute call I had with a friend. This has never happened before. I'm sending an email later today to my doctor. But I really wanted to post this version in the interim, to get feedback am I still shouting as opposed to singing? I tried incorporating the belt into the singing, but I felt I was only able to do that when the note wasn't complex e.g "whaaaaaat" at the end vs ("half of it, this the life I live" section). Thank you for helping ❤
  4. Thanks David I will check them out. And then I'll return with questions. In terms of the coach, would I need a specific type of singing coach? & what would be the best questions to ask to see if they would be the best fit to help someone with rhinitis & a deviated septum? I ask because I was attending lessons for two months last year but was unable to complete the course (because of work obligations). But when I was there it seemed difficult to move past the basics of breathing. They taught me the pin drop breathing exercise with the aim of lasting 30 seconds. But I could only last max 10 seconds. This frustrated my coach because she said her 5 year old students could last longer. But honestly I don't know what I was doing wrong. I was releasing as slowly as I could without getting light headed. I will say that it might be my rhinitis because I have a blocked nose year round. I was only recently diagnosed with this so I'm still getting used to it's affects. And unfortunately it came the year I decided to be serious about singing. We also did the hot potato exercise for placement. But to be quite honest, I never knew how these exercises translated to actual singing. It felt like a YouTube tutorial, where they ask you to do all these weird sounds but don't show you how to use it in a song. I kind of figured how to place the breathing into belting. But not anything else. My mind for some reason can't grasp the abstract I need a step by step how to dummies guide. My main issue is the pain. The sore throat & the big semi painful lump that forms in my throat sometimes when I'm singing in chest voice. I frustrated my coach a lot. She seemed to think that I have a wider range than I'm currently utilising & was often upset with me not reaching it. She accused me of not practising when I did. & my voice grew hoarse many times during that time & I lost it at one time. My aim is to return to a coach by New year 2018 the latest. But I would prefer going in with someone whose expectations were realistic considering the rhinitis etc. Because my main issue is I can't breathe, even now I'm finding it hard to breathe through my nose & I'm not singing. I'm trying to go to sleep (it's night time over here). But my rhinitis is bothering me to the extent it's messing up my sleeping patterns.
  5. I suck at titles so forgive the above. But in essences yes I have rhinitis & a deviated septum. But I'm not sure if those are the sole reason for my problems singing wise. My main issue is a sore throat when singing in chest voice. I think it's because I do not know how to activate the diaphragm beyond belting. I have many other problems (1. consistency (sometimes I sound good others bad & I'm singing the same song), 2. diaphragm breathing, 3. I hate my tone, 4. nasal drip creates cracked voice, 5. nasally blocked nose sound when singing, 6. squeaky voicing when transitioning to higher notes, 7. weak voice with no resonance) but let's keep it minimal for my first post & stick to getting rid of the sore throat that I get when singing in chest voice. I would like it to no longer be painful & as painless as when I sing in head voice if possible. I don't have soundcloud etc so I hope it's cool that my link is to my tumblr page with the same name (though I change my name a lot) you are free to listen to my other vocal posts & comment on that too. Have a lovely day. PS: And please be as honest as can be, because the sooner I clear my head of delusions the better it is overall.