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  1. Are you maybe singing the female songs an octave lower than the actual pitch? In Let It Go, for example, Idina Menzel ends the "Let the storm rage OOOOOOOONN" on an Eb5, which is a very difficult note already for females to hit. If you can sing it as a guy you won't have any problems singing Blake Shelton or Ed Sheeran (most of Ed Sheeran's songs only go up to like an A4). Unless you're really singing an octave lower, so you'd be hitting an Eb4 on Let It Go. You would still be singing in key but it wouldn't be the original pitch. The note Eb4 should be singable for almost all guys, with o
  2. Hi JJ, Thanks again for the detailed reply! I just wanted to clarify that when you say head voice you mean a purely CT dominated sound? (Only asking because there are so many definitions out there it's hard to keep track, lol!) My current teacher's definition of pulling chest is maintaining a 100% TA sound up into the higher register. From what he's told me, it's impossible for any guy to do that beyond F#4 ?
  3. Thanks JJ, That makes sense. I think breaking it down into stages like you suggested is very practical. I can do step 1 on my A4, and am working on step 2. I can feel it becoming easier day by day. SN
  4. Quick question to any vocal coaches willing to give some advice As someone very new to singing, the current note I'm training is my A4 (which seems to be a problem note for many). I can just about maintain cord compression and keep an open throat if I'm just touching the note in a phrase, but only on a closed vowel - i've recorded an example below to illustrate what I'm doing: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0l0Ga7xiHob (I know I still have some pitching and breath issues - I'm working with my vocal teacher on those) The phrase "and I'll tell YOU all about it" follows a d4-f4-g4-A4-g4-f4
  5. Do you mean an Ab4? As mentioned above Ab5 is really freaking high. 4 notes higher than your current max F4 would be an Ab4 I'm really new to this forum and singing in general (I only started taking weekly voice lessons 2 months ago), but i felt like replying because your frustration sounds a lot like how I used to feel! Prior to taking lessons, my highest consistent note in a full 'chest' voice was an F4, with a lot of straining. I could strain up to an F#4 but half the time my voice would break. Today I hit a C5 in full voice during my vocal exercises - check it out ->
  6. Hi! I'm new-ish to this forum, posting here for the very first time because I'm super excited to share my progress. I'm male, 23, started taking singing lessons only 2 months ago. Prior to that I was a rubbish singer. I'd read a lot about vocal technique in the past i.e. chest, head voice etc. but it was all rather abstract - especially when it came to the mysterious mixed voice (what the what?). Anyway, I couldn't sing for my life until recently when I bit the bullet and started seeing a voice teacher near where I live. Only 2 months later and I CANNOT believe the progress I h
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