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  1. The idea of an instrument is to pitch guide you. If you don't like that idea then you may like to try an online pitch monitor. What scale set have you got in mind?
  2. My goodness what are they indoctrinating the youth with these days. Not left school yet and to old to pursue a career
  3. In the other topic you posted that I replied to, you asked about nodules and now you ask about permanent vocal damage. What is your problem?
  4. Dude there are many many types of warm up around and some I have learnt from different teachers and many of which I care to forget and yes one of those is lip trials. But you do not appear to grasp the concept of the benefits of doing warm ups. Do you know why they are there? do you know what the physical benefits are from them. As I get the impression you dont!
  5. He dose not know what good advice is because he has had no training what so ever and only relies on free tips off of youtube Did you teacher explain in detail what she meant when she said by a long process involved in balancing the voice out and what was involved? if she did not then I would surgest you ask her on your next lesson and if she dose not answer and explain this properly then I would surgest you look for a new teacher You mentioned somewhere above that you sounded to breathy; is this the problem you are having and wish to change?
  6. I can not be messing about over an hour and a half video trying to find and work out which track is no. 25 are where the masonic symbols are. Im sorry! Masons use symbols to decode information given out by other secret society that quest to conquer the world and so that they can prepair them self for yet another attack on humanity Things like world events that may happen in the future that have been decoded though acts of genocide in our hybrid word or know as BS terrorism that we see in the media every day. Now to be fair most mason like your junior and master masons, have not got a bloody clue about all of this or how the pyramid illuminati structure of the new world order works as they are only interested in feathering there own nests to promote them self profiting from acts of corrupt and child sex sexual interests and things like profiting from perverting the course of justice in the police and justice system. But a 32 degree mason, no! I would expect him to know the ins and out of the entire operation Well lets no be to harsh on them now. They are hiding them selfs as a charity and like most large giant global charities that exist they are full of corruption from the little man and his cheeky little theft at the bottom to the big man and his puppet pulling political powers at that top. Well lets look at the Church where butter would not melt there, they too are a charity dating back to the old ages of time (and still governed and hiding behind the vatogens) Now I dont want to get to political and steer away from the purpose of this forum, but a lot of these secret codes are actually hidden is pop music songs! So the O/P could well be right. Take a look at this link Yer yer yer! historic symbols that where used in the medieval ancient world and are no longer practiced any more and are solo there for ones intellectual curiosity hence all the sense of mystery and grandeur marketing sales BS And who are you picking fights with this time?
  7. I remember we has a discussion on hear some where before Where I said I can fonate chest and head voice from C3-C5 and you said something like awsum this is called bridging early Another thing is I asked you what you where abbreviating by TA mussels and you just did not want to answer like it was some kind of top secret word
  8. All of these 3 singers talked about not doing any vocal warm ups before singing. This is TV! do you actually believe every word of it, have you not considered that this is a deliberate attempt to delude you in thinking how great and god gifted these chosen celebrities (and for there money marketing) are? Are you not the same user on hear who said you had damaged your vocal chords in the same way Adel on the TV did? Wow what BS! how can people watch this crap! WTF they just call hear in unplanned at any time of day and she rolls in 10mins later after getting out of bed and hear comes tallent out of her ass at the age of nothing, Great scot! and then she offer to the audience do you want me to sing right now and the audience go shab-a-bab-a-whoo-rag and the presenter starts yaking on about something ells. And this is why they say talk is so cheap folks coz she dose not sing on stage and dose not demonstrate the ability to sing without a warm up. This is so anoying but the sad bit is people actully belive ever word on these TV shows Now come on!
  9. why's that then? but he is not a natural voice is he, he is a trained professional singer
  10. Do you think on the higher notes he uses more chest voice or more head or more falsetto?
  11. Yes, I thought that one too at first sight Draven. ENT or speech therapist. But people on these forums just seem to come out with such hoot hoot before thinking that the light was on but no one was at home
  12. I am so pleased to see how happy you are from your video, but unfortunately we do not have American TV hear and therefor do not have access to this show and your video dose not show you acting on the show itself. So I am sorry I have no real info as to what is going on or what you are doing.
  13. There is no time limit on it! it will all depend upon you and how you fell the warm ups have effect and stop having effect IMHO it is more important that you concentrate on the types of warm up you are doing and making sure they are done correctly