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  1. Osmin Camero

    Etta James, At Last - vocal cover

    Nice job brother! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the valentines day consideration! Have an amazing week!
  2. Osmin Camero

    Big Thief - Paul cover

    Thank you for sharing brother. Singing and playing is also something I am working on as well. Great to see you succeeding at your desires. Keep it up, have confidence, determination and the willpower to keep going and there is nothing you can not accomplish. Anyone that says different is still learning this lesson. Have an amazing day and thank you again for sharing! OZ
  3. Osmin Camero

    Make My Own Way (my first single)

    Beautiful work sister, lots of feeling and truth in those lyrics. Thank you for sharing, much love. You will be going on to do some amazing things in the future, realize that. NO matter what, always remember, everything is already lined up for you. All you need to do now is just play the part and keep going moving forward. There is much in store. Have an amazing week! OZ
  4. Osmin Camero

    Can someone help me out.

    Hey, good day brother! I'm still very new to singing and TVS so I can not offer any critique but I wanted to mention that I really did enjoy it. Thank you for sharing! OZ