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  1. Osmin Camero

    Etta James, At Last - vocal cover

    Nice job brother! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the valentines day consideration! Have an amazing week!
  2. Thank you coach! I am very grateful for your encouragement and support. Your desire to watch us succeed is heart warming and greatly appreciated. I know with your guidance this process will be much easier and... FUN Like you said, we cannot forget about having fun in the process. That is a great idea and thank you! I will make sure that the singing is not limited to this "training environment." I have never done karaoke before but it has come into awareness several times over these past couple weeks. I will deffinitely take you up on that! Have an amazing weekend!! OZ
  3. Hello and good day everyone! This post is being created to start a video journal of the learning process. I have no prior experience singing and never considered it until just recently. I have been going over the material these past few weeks, practicing onsets as I learn them. I can already see this is going to become a much bigger part of this life so I had to make some room for it. I cleared out a corner of one of the rooms and created a permanent setup so I can just walk in and press record anytime I would like to practice. The first video posted will give an introduction to the setup. From here, I will continue to post additional videos as time progresses. It is a pleasure to join you all on this journey and I give thanks and gratitude. Much love!! I was attempting to find a way to share these ongoing videos without creating too big of a mess on this thread. To make things as easy as possible, I will be repurposing an old website and utilize the blog for making the journal entries. In this way, all of the journal entry links can be kept here much like a catalog that can be referenced back to the site. Journal Entry 0001 - Thursday 2-15-2018 - Practicing Onsets Journal Entry 0002 - Saturday 2-17-2018 - First time Karaoke Journal Entry 0003 - Monday 2-19-2018 - One More Light (Part 1) Journal Entry 0004 - Wednesday 2-21-2018 - Ableton Project for Training Onsets Journal Entry 0005 - Saturday 2-24-2018 - Karaoke (2nd Time)
  4. Osmin Camero

    Big Thief - Paul cover

    Thank you for sharing brother. Singing and playing is also something I am working on as well. Great to see you succeeding at your desires. Keep it up, have confidence, determination and the willpower to keep going and there is nothing you can not accomplish. Anyone that says different is still learning this lesson. Have an amazing day and thank you again for sharing! OZ
  5. Osmin Camero

    Make My Own Way (my first single)

    Beautiful work sister, lots of feeling and truth in those lyrics. Thank you for sharing, much love. You will be going on to do some amazing things in the future, realize that. NO matter what, always remember, everything is already lined up for you. All you need to do now is just play the part and keep going moving forward. There is much in store. Have an amazing week! OZ
  6. Osmin Camero

    Can someone help me out.

    Hey, good day brother! I'm still very new to singing and TVS so I can not offer any critique but I wanted to mention that I really did enjoy it. Thank you for sharing! OZ