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  1. Draven, I bought me a pair of Electro-Voice ZLX-12P powered PA speakers (12"). I'm new to this so my question is do I plug a mic on both or just one and the other speaker would carry the sound assuming both PA speakers are "chained" together?
  2. So speaker size determines loudness, not so much wattage? This one boasts 300w of power and can amplify for crowds of up to 100 people: Any suggestions perhaps? Something that's easy to set up and plug and play? Some of these systems can also work for guitars and synths/keyboards which is something I'd probably consider, not just dedicated for vocals. Are you also saying that if I can hear my self over a band (without the use of in-ear monitoring), does that mean I'm pushing my voice when I shouldn't therefore an addition of in-ear monitors is suggested?
  3. So one could actually use either active or passive amp/speakers for vocals? This is more for practicing with a band. I'd like to hear my self and want others in the room to hear as well. These looks interesting:|ClickCP#productDetail
  4. Is it a PA (powered amplifier)? What wattage are usually suggested for rehearsals and or playing live shows? I'm just curious.