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  1. Thanks for the reply and your advice. Looks like those courses are online and that is a problem because I depend on mobilenetwork to gett netacsess much of the time. So I need to be able to use the coures offline so I don't get robbed by the mobile company.
  2. Hi. I just found this forum and have a question about software for singing. I have looked at a coule of programs but not sure if they are suited for me. The intention was to have it possible to record and hear the song to compare whats good an whats bad. And alo training and instructions. The software I have found so far is "eMedia Singing Method" and "EarMaster 7". Probably the "eMedia Singing Method" got the best Balance for my demands between those two. Witch one would be the better one and are there another high rocommended software out there at the same pricerange