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  1. Posting a few tracks below. If you're interested in working together (singing or rapping) hit me up either in email (listed below) or PM with a sample of your voice. The tracks are unmixed/unmastered so if something sounds off or hurts your ears that's probably it, apologies. Money will not be involved, we're simply two musicians making music together. If we create and publish a project together, we'll split whatever, if any, profits come of it. We'll talk and make a track together. If that goes well, maybe an album. P.S. If you can write/are a decent lyricist, that's a huge plus. https://soundcloud.com/therealwillyboy/pumpkin-invasion2 https://soundcloud.com/therealwillyboy/poopy-butt https://soundcloud.com/therealwillyboy/36-hh (forgive the high notes lmaoo) https://soundcloud.com/therealwillyboy/saasssggg3/s-ok8S9 Email: wyatthobbyistsailors@gmail.com