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  1. I didn't do exactly anything. The topic I brought up has never been posted anywhere ever. And most people would never know even to this day, let alone in the early 2000's what was in the videos. Your name is appropriate however, so It makes sense your point of view. You also know nothing about masons but what I will accept a video of someone replicating what i've posted. Certainly doesn't have to be one of your "students" I'll give you the entire internet to work with. The modulation or someone producing a new sound that quickly between a melody whithout missing a (eighth)beat is what I refer to. Seriously, nice name .
  2. I started a thread on the LP reddit, and was hoping for some people to discuss this with. Without getting too crazy, not only what we are hearing is impossible, if you slow it down to .25 you can hear 2 voices at once being modulated at the same time. Humans can't do this. also in the end has come cute masonic alphabet in it. These guys have many secrets.