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  1. Hi fellow vocalists! What is this thread? Why? I am starting this thread as a place to compile different trusted online teaching resources on how to begin training your falsetto or head voice both for myself and for other people looking for a one-stop shop list of this topic. What is your skill level and experience on this topic? I have been studying and training my full voice all semester and want to finally begin adding this skill to my vocal toolbox. I have a very basic sense of head voice to full voice just because of my musical background but other than that I have little to no education or experience on the techniques, practices, standards, and healthy conventions of the use of falsetto singing. Thank you guys for your help in populating this thread.
  2. UPDATE: Thank you guys for all your responses. While there was a variety of answers, I feel a little more confident just knowing that the general consensus is that my voice can be improved. Honestly I am willing to put in the time, I just needed to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. If you all are interested in where I am going from here: I intend to continue my daily 30-60 minute practice times and continue to be very intentional about keeping good posture and to do my best to maintain good breath support and breathing practices. I will also be continuing to meet with my teacher once a week to analyze my habits and help me to learn the correct and effective way. She has a masters degree in pedagogy and has been teaching a long time, she's a professor at my college for the fine arts department so I think she is qualified to the best of my knowledge. Lastly I have been watching and working through some of Jeff Rolka's tone videos each day during my practice. I am hoping that helps to strengthen those tiny muscles and boost my singing an extra step.
  3. Hi guys! New to the forum but I'm really happy to be here. I've been getting pretty discouraged lately about my endeavor to be a good singer and was looking for some honest discussion on the thoughts that keep flooding me when I practice. Mind the context that I have a decent amount of musical experience as a multi-instrumentalist of 5 years and as a songwriter/digital composer. Mainly I feel like after the first few months of practicing a minimum of 6 hours a week, doing my vocal exercises each day and practicing some repertoire, also meeting once a week with my voice teacher/coach who gives me tips on how to continue to practice good technique, that this has given me some control over my voice, I don't feel powerless to hit the notes now and stuff. The issue lies in this, the tone of my voice still sounds thin and unpleasant almost always, even in full voice in the comfortable part of my range, it just sounds harsh and ugly sounding. Not even a stylistic choice I wouldn't think, it is just "meh". I asked my voice coach and she said that its a long process to balance out the voice and that its much like working out, you have to practice consistently for a long long time for it to really change drastically and achieve the look/feel you want. My question to you guys is this: Is this an attainable goal to not just be a "meh" singer but to be a good or even great singer? Is my consistent practice and vocal health practices all I need to be doing or is there something I am missing? Is it actually just a matter of time and I am just being impatient?