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  1. Almost a year later into the program.!Aswc74K62WP_5goazxrjnzlSY5Yi?e=9tZPmf Any feedback is welcome!
  2. Firstly, I'm kind of a noob like you so what I'm about to say is no science, just my own experience. I think you have a nice sounding voice. But I think you need to open your mouth more. Like a lot more. I've been told the same thing. I used to sing in the office when I was alone. But you always have the risk of people walking by, so I sang just like you. Close into my phone, hunched up and really singing for myself and afraid. So what really helped me is singing in my car. I got in my car and sang during traffic jams or even at empty parking lots. Your car will be the private place where youcan let loose and experiment with tips you find online. And dont forget to record yourself. Lastly I started the TVS course. It has a lot of info, I cant say for sure how much it will improve me, bceause I just started. But at the very least it's very promising. Its on and its 10 bucks for a limited time. Hope any of this helps!
  3. Yeah, so great course. A lot of useful info, like A LOT. But made great progress. Still not close to the level I'm aiming for, but its getting better.!Aswc74K62WP_5ESOLvajN6OkYCgK edit: this is me a year later:!Aswc74K62WP_5goazxrjnzlSY5Yi?e=9tZPmf Any feedback is welcome!
  4. Wow, thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate the indepth analysis of my voice. I will definitely pick apart every tip and comment to improve myself. Regarding singing with music, it really depends on the song. Some are easier to sing a long with and I also tend to sing higher and more nasal ( and more from my soft palate) when I sing a long with music, also a little to increase volume, which make it sound a little whiny at times. Thanks again for the personalized tips!
  5. Hi Guys, I've been stuck on this level of singing. I'm not sure what Im doing wrong. Maybe pitch, breath support, technique or all the above. I just dont know.. I want to get to a level where I could be considered a very good singer and hope some critique could help me in that direction. (ps this has been the product of appr. 10 singing lessons and some really hard work on the side) Thanks!