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  1. The reason for the beginning bit was that I was doing an audition with this tape and they required us to go up a scale. I've been practicing a bit daily now and I want to see if my voice has improved at all. I want to know if I have a voice good enough to do lessons and such. Please help :'))
  2. Doll face

    Please review my voice VERY Frustrated :(

    Can you please repost the videos so I can see how you sing? xD
  3. Doll face

    Rate My Singing?

    I don't think you need any advice from me, it's pretty good!
  4. Doll face

    Reveiw my song

    A fellow smule user I see, I left feedback on the post.
  5. Doll face

    Avicii tribute cover

    You were off tune for a few major parts and I would suggest maybe fixing that, but it was overall decent. And maybe layer your voice a bit better with the audio since you don't really blend with it. Also the wake me up part was great! That song was always a personal favorite
  6. Help pls I need to know for an audition later There's no background audio for most of it and I apologize, I pulled this together in a rush and I wasn't able to add too much of my personal touch. Thanks! Also I can't pay I'm broke :C