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  1. BillyShears

    Pytasz Mnie (O Polskę)

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
  2. BillyShears

    Pytasz Mnie (O Polskę)

    Or "You Ask Me (About Poland)". There's obviously still a lot of room for improvement...
  3. BillyShears

    Grow Old With Me

    Ken has some good musical experience (check out his albums and live performances). He and his students show a lot of real singing (which isn't always the case with other vocal coaches), so he seems legit to me. Maybe I'm too sensitive about the sound of my voice. There's a lot of famous singers that didn't like how they sounded, Frank Sinatra for example. But the listeners loved it and that was the important thing... Plus I'm still not sure about what repertoire should I sing. There must be something where my voice will shine
  4. BillyShears

    Grow Old With Me

    I started exercising with Ken Tamplin Course, but it looks like I'll need at least some time with a pro voice teacher to make any further progress... Will I find somebody like Brett Manning or Ken Tamplin in Poland? I highly doubt it :D
  5. BillyShears

    Grow Old With Me

    Regarding your question in welcome topic - it was one of four songs given to the remaining members of The Beatles by Yoko Ono. They completed" Real Love" and "Free as a Bird", but "Grow Old With Me" and "Now and Then" weren't used. Which is a shame. I made this cover as Beatlesque as I could Even though I'm a tenor and I 'can' hit high notes easily (up to g6 in head/falsetto), I just HATE the sound of my voice in high registers. So I try to stay as low as possible to avoid having to go much above middle c... I trained with Singing Success, but even with better technique the sound remains the same
  6. BillyShears

    Grow Old With Me Recorded just a couple of days ago. Tried to use the lowest key possible, because I hate my high register. What do you guys think of my actual technique (and my voice generally)? What needs improvement the most? BTW the backing track and the background vocals are also mine ;).