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  1. hello, im alexis im 17 I love singing so much, I downloaded a app called smule and I sing quite alot on there and I do recordings but no one ever really listens to them. so I would like to know what some one thinks about my singing? ive never had any singing lessons so this might sound bad but ( im the girl singing) ( im the girl) ( im the girr haha I think you get it ) I know there is a-lot but if you could listen to some even just one, I would be extremely grateful. thank you Alexis x
  2. thankyou so much for commenting, I really am 17, ive never had any singing lessons, its basically what ive learnt myself.
  3. hey im Alexis im 17 I started singing at the age of 4 but only started singing opera at the age of 15. I've never had any singing lessons so my Italian is not great, its just what I have learnt by myself. this is a recording that I did on smule quite recently. please listen and tell me what you think, much appreciated.