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  1. I am Addicted to Hello by Adele. Her voice is really above all the parameters of singing.
  2. It is very much necessary to know what type of voice you have. It's important to know what type of songs suits your voice.
  3. voicehouse

    I'm desperate for help

    Yes, You voice is natural. You can become a good singer but you need practice.
  4. voicehouse

    Please help me unleash my singing

    You should join a Classes/course for singing. One day after so much of practice and hard work, Will make you a high range good singer. Yes, Practice! Practice! and guidance that's all what you need to touch all notes.
  5. voicehouse

    "How do you Make a Tenor Voice Sound Manly?"

    If you want to tenor your voice while singing touch the lowest note with chin down and make it more deeper.