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  1. wow man! in the "feel your kiss" part did you use mix voice? because it's high.. also what resonance you using is that what they call mask? or twang hehehehe
  2. Wow man, we both noob, we should teach each other.. you hvae twitter or faecbook?
  3. Yes, i kinda shy singing because there is a lot of people outside. Wow, thank you very much for the tip, i think i'm shy, yes i kinda stopping my full voice to come up because i don't want other people to hear me
  4. Hello MDEW, thank you very much for being honest. I also wonder if i am bass or baritone, also do you have any exercise on the resonance or vowel?
  5. Hello guys, i made a quick review on me singing playing gutiar. I come to this coz i can't afford singing lessons.. I just want to know what i need to improve.. Resonance Pitch Vowel Etc.. I want you to be brutally honest to me..