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  1. ooh nice sounds like something I'd hear in a commercial Maybe the vocals could be mastered a lil more, a reverberating/distant feel would sound really cool
  2. Hello! I'm Emily & I been into singing contests/performances since I was super little, then joined acapella at around 15 and have been in it ever since. There has definitely been a change in voice from 12 years old to now. When I was younger, my "technique" or sound was kind of the opposite we can say haha. I used to strain so bad! I do still feel some strain in my throat but that's after a lot of singing, and I do feel it is easier to sing the way I am now than in the way I was when I was 12 lol. In the video provided, I would strongly appreciate it if anyone can give a nice analysis on my register(is it chest??) and **anything** I could work on! one thing I am concerned about for the past few years is that I have a "beegees" feel (at least my dad said) to my voice no matter how low I try to sing. it sounds like an airy type of voice. I wanted to know if that could maybe be my natural voice or if it's a way of coping with the straining I used to put on my voice when I was younger. Or possibly if that's simply how my voice developed over many years. I do feel pretty natural singing this way. Thank you loves! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vuq-hOL_a9nLNrSqGOxSTwBp14qPZ0Eo https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-roCmLNo2wXBw2dwACmSPiZxF7ATR7M9 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EsJbI8nJid0I7qpmI2M2s_Zv_fOr8ijF