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  1. It's definitely worth it, thank you very, very much for taking the time! You've said some really important things that I needed to hear to calm down, It's a journey and I'm looking forward to it, thanks sincerely!
  2. Hey people, thanks for the attention! This is crucial for me so help me out please I have no one I can turn to I'm an actor and I've recently lost some damn good opportunities in my field (musicals or just any part with a singing scene) because I'm terrified of being just a horrible singer delluding myself into humiliating me in public. I'm fed up with this because actually I love to sing and I do it constantly when I'm at home. I believe 100% that most people have ok ordinary voices, potential singers who could apply themselves and become fine singers if they just got the knowledge and practice. So I'm building up confidence to enroll in singing lessons because i'm totally aware that I need them since I have no freaking clue what I'm doing when I open my mouth, so none of the said needed knowledge. But I just need that extra push to build the courage to sing in front of a teacher you know, i could use some sober distant perspective and confidence cause I've heard some mean things when I was younger and I feel that that has scarred me so I have the hardest time bringing myself to believe on my potential to sing again, even tough I don't hate what I hear when I record myself. So PLEASE HELP don't dellude me and just don't be mean, SHOULD I PERSUE IT AND ENROLL IN SINGING LESSONS? DO I HAVE THE POTENTIAL IT TAKES? Remember I'm want to professionally persue this (musicals) so just bearable isn't actually a great thing, but it's a starting point i guess. Thank you very much me trying to sing low then high this year: me trying to sing high last year: me trying a showtune a few years ago: Hear me here: p.s.: english is not my first language so bear with me on(?) that