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  1. I used to have a very very horrible (much worse) singing voice but I have been trying and making progress in the last 1-2 years. However i have only been practising through singing women's songs.. It is so weird that it seems no guys songs is suitable for my voice unless they are very deep throughout, otherwise i could only sing the very first few lines and that's it. and for women's song I am not hitting the right key anyway but it sounds ok so I keep on practising that way. I have been wondering recently that whether my voice is really so bad and unbelievably deeper than the general guys that makes my voice impossible to sing guys songs well or is it that i just need more practice to reach where I want to be? I have recorded some tapes to show what I mean, one of the tapes is a song that I really like and hope be able to sing very well . I have the following question: After the first few lines in guys songs I always have to try my best to sing in my head voice/ pre sing the lines in falsetto (don't even know if I really know how to, more like weird sounds but allows me to reach high notes effortlessly indeed).. compared to the original singers my voice in guys songs is obviously so very thin and with lots of strains,.. they're like talking but I am like drowning.. am I doing anything wrong or is it stem from the quality of voice (too deep)?.. is my voice really so deep ???? or am I not even hitting the right key in the guys songs.. PLEASE HELP ME here are some demonstrations. sorry my voice was tired then while recording and I could not sing loudly in the environment.. but here you go the song that I really hope to be able to sing: orignal me When I sing women's song adele original me another guys song example in english.. just to show.. really bad shawn mendes orignal me please help me and tell me what am I and what should I do.... many many many thanks