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  1. Awesome! So it seems like expert singers actually do hard stuff instead of having some secret 'trick'. Practice slower then faster. Thanks!
  2. Hey! There's something that a lot of popular vocalists do and I'm trying to figure out how to do it too. Ed Sheeran does it a lot, for example in the first two words of the phrase 'Are all over written on the signs' at 0:36 seconds in this video: . It sounds like he hits a ton of distinct notes in that trembly 'flourish' thing, I don't know how he makes them each sound so distinct or generally why it sounds so cool. One guess is that he's just doing vibrato as he goes up and down in the tone or maybe he's just skilled enough to do that without any 'trick'. Regardless, does this technique have a name? And how can I practice it? Thanks very much!