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  1. Hiya mate. Sounds good but you need to sing it with more confidence you sound like your really holding back Which is giving that breath quality. Just relax and go for it
  2. Hi. I'm not a professional singer but have sung in bands over many years. I agree with everything the first replier said. Try to ignore negative comments all singers even the best of the pro's have people that dont like their voice. Right. to the clips tonaly you sound fine and with some training I'm sure you could improve gain controll techniqe etc and certainly be good enough and confident enough to improve your career. From the vocals I would say your biggest problem is probably nerves. You sound very tense which is clamping youre vocal chords. Making everything sound a bit forced. Try to relax take a few deep breaths. Most of all enjoy it dont worry so much about how it sounds at the moment. focus on how it feels if you feel relaxed and happy the voice will do its job better. Finaly dont be scared or embarrased about singing in front of a teacher they will certainly have heard worse. And will be able to help immensely. Good luck
  3. Hi folks I'm new here I have just restarted singing after a long break, so am looking for reviews tips,what I need to be working on etc. There are two songs in differing styles Sorry for not great recordings low on equipment at the mo. Thanks in advance.!AjGc-tIaKPoejR5586ayqrdVC4gR!AjGc-tIaKPoejR2uNQzKzn9C_qyj