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  1. Dear Forum, This is my first post to this great "the singing wisdom". I just started my adventure with singing literally from scratch like 6 months ago. Never did this before. I mostly sing some covers i like with acoustic guitar (I do play guitar for many years) , and I find this a fun and inspiration. I want to develop this more. I know my comfort register - key G#. I mainly transpose song to this area. Easy on guitar. Here is an issue. There are some songs I want to sing, they start first note like 1 tone up from my comfort zone to make it back into comfort zone for rest of verse. 9 time at 10 I will start wrongly this song. Once it rolls I am OK. Like 2nd verse with higher notes is OK. But just beginning is always terrible. It varies from being not on pitch to be not on register even. Is there a way to address this somehow with dedicated exercise? Are there others who struggle with just beginning of song? Any suggestions are very welcomed.