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  1. ????????????? Your chest voice is your main color, except if you want scream all day long. If you try to change it will sound fake and worse.
  2. Ye you covered this you covered that. If you are a lyric baritone like me with dark chest voice, well, you can't do much about it! You can train the hell out hour day every day and be able to reach high notes but ur chest voice will always sound dark and will never have the quality of a tenor chest voice, bright and pleasure. When you will drop to sing in chest voice everyone will hear your real voice and you can't fake out that YOU ARE A (*auto edit*) BARITONE
  3. Hello everyone, my passaggio is at B3-E4 and my chest voice is dark. It's not good for rock or pop cause is heavy and not pleasure. Some people told me I'm a tenor, others baritone but, is that possibile have a passaggio at B3-E4 beeing a tenor? It's possibile change the color of chest? Ty ...
  4. I had 2 teacher which told me I'm a tenor but my voice is dark... I flip into mix around F4 and I can Sing high notes only with mix voice (I started study my voice 6 months ago). I want try opera in the future (I'm 23) but I don't know if I'm a true tenor...