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  1. I see what you mean. Yarning streches the vocal chords while using minimal air (bit like lip trials)
  2. I dont know where you have picked all this up from but you are very wrong!
  3. For those of you that have done 100s of covers; how often do you need to keep singing them before you start to forget them and have to start relearning it again?
  4. I covered uptown funk. Don't believe everything you hear on the TV!
  5. Thanks MDEW Dont know about Micky M. but The BEEGEE's staying alive is on my set list. and I have covered it to the original as best as I can and it is indeed a breathy tone. Breathy tone where by all the air used is not being used to sing. So by your understanding of Falsetto is the same as mine a breathy tone the sound of made by a man who is pretending to sound like a woman. I have heared that one to. but it dose not sound right to me, I do not sound like a woman when using Falsetto Found this video which says Falsetto is not breathy
  6. Well I always though it was a breathy tone, but I hear so many storries and not just that from youtube videos and people off the net but people I meet in person, all giveing there own version of what it means The Cambridge dictonary "italian to english" says the following falsetto [noun] (music) an unnaturally high (singing) voice in men, or a man with such a voice But still in doubt!