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  1. unfortunily I cant get on the jimmyshitforbrains to post a link to what I was talking about have tried from the libury but they wont accept new registions even from guenine goole email address Guess they don't need new member ay! as they run I tight neck community and arguments bassed upon biggotory that there is only one definitive answer and for them that is that you suck you are a sad little losser now pack it all in silly little man before you make a fool out of your self as no emount of training will ever make you better and all you have done is waste your time and money taking lessons from the moderator on the harmony central forum as it has all been for nothing and you will never learn anything from him (Davie) as you are a sat little picece of shit. Yes that kind of bigotry that keeps a tight neck community in the same way as the sound on sound forum and indeed this forum too! But when all the tight necked community member fall out and leave it jellus little didums job over and hear we are caberon asol! just you me and tradisanol and the great filipe popping back to give his 2p worth. but non of us appart from you are helping out the 5 minute dream shit wonderbies we are just causing trouble. but I will get onto that very soon caberon asol in my next 2 dimensional holographic fictional character that can only been seen though an LED screen remember
  2. the sound on sound forum suffered from the same issues as this site did while The big cheaf Harold popper was helping me with my project he said on the forum that all the newbee users that come hear post one thread and thats it! they are gone and he was trying to change this. But as soon as I made one mistake and plugged the wrong wire in, it was then that they all turned on me! But what happened on the jimmyshitforbrains has nothing to do with them anyway...to be continued..... Wonder why all the newbee came and gone after one thread then? nothing to do with there overall attitude to strangers personality and terminology was it that they felt the need to boo off such strangers, I said poopering the peace again harold, realy you are your own worst enemy, but to arrogant to realise this you see
  3. Well Harold pooper said not to get 15" speakers as they are for bass dico, get 8 or 10s, but on the bass chat forum they said that was a load of rubbish and 15s would sound fine for vocals
  4. But your wrong again cho cho del montania. The big chief Harold pooper made it clear on the forum, take it easy with the terminology guys as this guy is new to sound let's be fair 99% of people who come to this forum are 5 min wonder dream triper boys with no singer knolage or experience and have picked up all there untrue knolage from the likes of YouTube and tradisanol silly little man, even though they are one post gone tommow they are welcomed hear and not booed off As trolls. But I will go into all that in my next 2 dimensional fictional holographic character (that can only been seen as a light projection through an LCD scren) watch this space! Infact it was the true wonker and wanker that where the first to breach the pease and say I was trolling, but I think word got around from my spamming activities on the jimmyshitforrains that has done it you see
  5. really MTT to breathy and a lack of support, maybe why your not a teacher and why you are in a pub scrooning blues band instead latter I will go into this in grave detail in another 2D fictional characters (that can only been seen hear on an LED screen) as elvis dided on the shitter! https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rcq14hnx50b9zb/unsuported and breathy mtt.wav?dl=0
  6. It looks like ya not reading the thread in full MTT But anyroad hear is what another forum modorator had to say about all of that As a general point not directed at the original poster. In other forums I have come across several situations where someone has learning difficulties, autism, Asperger's syndrome, stress/mental health issues, loneliness, or being bullied. These can all manifest themselves in ways that are difficult for people to cope with, particularly on forums like this where there seems to be a highly developed forum etiquette. As an admin I have learnt the story behind threads from upset people messaging me to say they are leaving the forum "because...". Looking back at the threads in question it's usually easy to see where things have gone wrong and escalated into mutual indignation. Back to the current thread, looking at the post linked above, I can't help thinking the point about spending on the gear just to wind people up was an attempt at irony and not literal. The guff at the end suggests to me the guy is troubled and angry rather than deeply malicious. The video, whatever you thought of it, did not feel like a fake. from a differnet site https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/343724-the-box-pa-speakers/page/6/#comments and of cource from a differnet user account https://www.soundonsound.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=65981 But dont worry I am planning a massive troll attack on the sound on sound forum soon. I am making a music production video about them (please see the attachmet https://www.soundonsound.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=65729 quote="Mike Stranks" I'd recently come to the view that this was a person who didn't have a clue what he was about and maybe had 'issues' that accounted for some of his behaviour. It's now clear that I was wrong and he's led some of us a merry dance and wasted hours of our time trying to help him. Without divulging everything that's been established he's gone to enormous trouble to lay a false trail to lure-in suckers - me. /quote wowee drove all the way upto bolton to buy a mixer, spent over 100 quid on sm58 and cables then bough a mixer then speakers just so he could fool you! And if you belive that harold your a bigger fool then silly littl man! But you have done little reaserch or practice into our hacked realality and as singing techniques you lack the fundermentals As Jerry wills experanced, he went to puerta de murcia, now to you mowkenen tum tum taht is a big gieant rock in the border of boliva and columbia that is first said to be where the gods first came to this world it is a lump of rock with a door carving cut into it Jerry wills spent mounths there and hired a translator and a guide to find him that secret magical code for passage though the magical door He had to chant 3 musical notes at the door to gain entery (so his master told him) And sudenly the floor dropped from behind his feet and suddenly he was in a world of white cloud where every thing under and on top of him he touched was just white he called out is anyone there and the gatemaster replied! yer what do you want He explained that he had jut got hear and was from a the southern hemisthear of a planet called prison plannet earth and the gatemaster said he knew that plannet well as manny people have passed from there to hear in the past and prions plannet earth is well famouns (for it dinosow war 450k years ago) and he knew it well the gate master said that this is the gate from your universe to our universe and time is very diffenret hear furthermore your univers was created inside our univese by someone who wanted to be a creator he showded Jerry his universe (inside the matircs) and it was all flat all barred off he said your univers is very unsatlbe and we have had to empoy bars to contain it AND FURTHER MORE!!! your universe is falt, it is a 2D flat surface projected into a 3D hologram which you call matter And this is where the bullshit 2D flat earth theory comes from, Free masonary Dravy Gravey mentioned this1 But I will talk about him latter on in another rant! Right now I want to move back to the bull boys of sound on sound forum!" Happy fooling the original jeremys fool! https://www.dropbox.com/s/s35uappfg7cbkup/jeremy fool.wav?dl=0
  7. A WAR HAR A HAR HAR! silly little man I mean mowheaken tea too. nothing to do with teachers who could not cut the mustard like elvis old chum and how do I sound like elvis on the shitter, and manina Kerry rekindle any memories the great feilipe then?
  8. clutching strwas now, getting worried, getting jellus really now mowheeken tom too, if you belive that silly load of old rubbish then your a bigger fool then silly little man (I mean tradisanol). really your heads in the sand And BTW this job requires split personality performers nowerdays, performing secret little tricks like gimmicks stage craft enginerring costumes and foolling thommas! ow and yes mimicing to the drummer in your case, no need to sound and sing great to be the greatest singer in the world anymore, look at elvis Well lets use some more examples of people you know that claimed they where good but where bloody crap! the dravey gravy train who has now snooted up sticks and left, all his little videos with him showing off on stage, bent over backwards while singing at the same time (great breath support and allinment temple master (32 degree) masson). well I guess you don't have to be good at anything in life really if your a free mason, no chance he will be coming back hear with his tail wagging between his legs now is there As ever, happy fooling! The original Jeremys fool dressed up as elvis isn't dead https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdmjk6kv7iaxkev/the late night beer rant!.wav?dl=0
  9. I see what you mean. Yarning streches the vocal chords while using minimal air (bit like lip trials)
  10. I dont know where you have picked all this up from but you are very wrong!
  11. For those of you that have done 100s of covers; how often do you need to keep singing them before you start to forget them and have to start relearning it again?
  12. I covered uptown funk. Don't believe everything you hear on the TV!
  13. Thanks MDEW Dont know about Micky M. but The BEEGEE's staying alive is on my set list. and I have covered it to the original as best as I can and it is indeed a breathy tone. Breathy tone where by all the air used is not being used to sing. So by your understanding of Falsetto is the same as mine a breathy tone the sound of made by a man who is pretending to sound like a woman. I have heared that one to. but it dose not sound right to me, I do not sound like a woman when using Falsetto Found this video which says Falsetto is not breathy