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  1. Hiho, I need some help here. I suffer from misophonia, so there's a sound that is driving me crazy. It can be produced by rubbing some rubber together, but it also occurs in some peoples voices. Sadly that's also the case for some songs I really like. Lately, I found a song that produced the sound very clearly and tried to use it to find a filter that allows me to enjoy affected songs. The song is "born for greatness" from Papa Roach. The sound is produced on the first "for" right at the start. It is very high pitched and buzzing. Some people seem to be unable to hear it. It sounds almost as if created digitally, but I heard people produce it live and without equipment, so it's no effect of the electronics. A low pass filter set to 5500 Hz seems to filter it, but distorts the rest of the song a lot. To test it more I tried to isolate it with a high pass filter and actually made it.(sort of) Uploaded: https://we.tl/t-44tSZU8Z2G Exposure seems to better the problem and the sound is much less problematic when isolated. So I don't just want to filter it, but maybe even create it to expose myself more. How could I create such sounds? What would be necessary to filter them without messing up the rest of a song? Regards, Mike strangesound-isolated.mp3