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  1. Coach Robert, are u still doing youtube videos?  I haven't seen anything new in awhile.  I always enjoy them and find them helpful.

    I can't afford the course at the moment so I always look forward to the youtube teachings.

    1. Robert Lunte

      Robert Lunte

      Thank you. I will do more in the future, however I have backed off for a while. I am rebuilding TVS into a marketplace of TVS courses from many coaches and a new membership service.

      I am also building this new business, www.coursecreek.com.

      You said you enjoy my YouTube videos because you can't afford to purchase my courses. Exactly my point... I need to make a living. YouTube does not make money. It feels like a drain of time and energy. I just can't make it a priority.

      Btw, I have a huge TVS course available here for $9 to $20... great deal.





    2. HiCu
  2. I disagree. I think it sounds pretty much straight. I record into my phone and it amazes me how good it turns out, too. I prefer to hear singers perform like this guy because it is more real representation of their real talent. Studio is fine for releasing a CD. I have seen/heard some amazing vocals through a cell phone recording.
  3. I love it when a singer has this kind of balls. What u see (hear) is what u get.
  4. HiCu


    I agree. Ken is a baritone so I guess the higher notes with more chest are harder for him to do compared to Raphael or Bruce in which it happens more naturally. However, I have to say, Ken has created a hell of a technique to over come or expand his natural voice capabilities. He can pull it off convincingly unlike some baritones who sound ridiculous trying to sing high. Also, Felipe, I have heard some of ur recent work. U have improved unbelievably!
  5. HiCu


    In this video, Raphael gives some insight into his singing technique. lol The insight is He doesn't know what he is doing; it happens naturally. That is so crazy!!
  6. HiCu


    I don't think this guy is a teacher. He has an exceptional voice. I found him the other day. Beautiful, big tone. Y'all may have already heard him before.
  7. HiCu


    I'm sorry. I just thought it was exceptionly good and I wanted to share.
  8. HiCu


    Lol! He kills this one too. Unbelievable!
  9. Man, this guy turns out covers and originals at a major pace. His word pronunciation, quality, interpretation is amazing; at least I think so.
  10. I prefer hearing singers just sing. Real good singers can sing well with or without backing music. These days, there is so much over production and studio tricks/work done it makes it easy to be decieved into thinking someone is a decent singer when they are not. When I record my guitar work, for example, I do it straight into my phone. What you hear is what I can do at the moment. (I don't sing into my phone because I sound like shit and I can accept that singing isn't my talent. Lol. ) Anyway, the less smoke and mirrors the better, in my opinion. If we have to over produce, we
  11. Thanks Robert. I guess what I'm trying to say with word natural talent is they find the property vocal configuration early on. Then they just work on dev songs because the mechanics are already in place. I have seen this over and over again with really natural singers I grew up with.
  12. I validate my comments from their interviews and myself talking to other great singers in person. Russell Allen, Jeff Scott Soto, Dio, etc. and others I have spoken with said they were always able to sing. It was more of a feeling within them. They all said they had no teacher. The great singer Franco Corelli had no teacher. A teacher actually destroyed his voice and Franco had to rebuild it himself. I'm not saying lessons can't help some folks but most great singers have a lot in their favor to start with. A natural talent is a great (must) starting point. Natural talent in any disciplin
  13. Some of the absolute best singers I have ever heard had no lessons (Russell Allen, Dio, Tommy Shaw, Mickey Thomas, Jeff Soto etc.) I have interviewed several of professional singers and they just had it naturally. I will also add, some of the absolute worse singers I have ever heard had training, sometimes for years and they still sound horrendous. I believe you need to he born with something to work with. If you sound like shit from the start, you probably will never be a good singer. At least that's my take on things.
  14. Has anybody else noticed the number of vocal coaches on YouTube? It use to be only a few. Lol Now there are hundreds, maybe even thousands. Some are good but many can't sing well at all. Some of them have hundreds of thousands (even millions) of views. What is going on here? Are they qualified or do they just setup shop? Crazy.
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