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  1. I know he probably meant I can't go past G4 in my chest voice, but I think that with a mix and some good training I could easily go beyond that. Honestly, after everything he told me yesterday, I'm considering switching to another teacher.
  2. Well, I took lessons for about 4 months some 5 years ago, but that was with another teacher. I had to stop due to university and work, but I started again a couple of month ago. When I had just started out with my first teacher I struggled to get to E4, but now it's a note I reach comfortably. I noticed I still can't control my larynx at all, so maybe that's one reason. To answer your second question: I was born in Italy and my parents are both Italian, but I'm a translator/interpreter. Thank you for your kind answer!
  3. Hello everyone! As I said in my introduction post, I started taking lessons not too long ago. Right now I can comfortably sing most Opeth stuff (yes, I'm one of those metalheads), but I'm not satisfied with my current G4 limit. I'm a big fan of other baritones who can go up to C or even D5, and I talked to my vocal coach about it and how right now it's impossible for me to go past that G without going full head and sound like a muppet. He answered "well, maybe those notes are not for you, you just have to deal with it. You can't change the range of your voice like you would a guitar, maybe you'll need to sing those songs a couple tones lower". I have to admit that it really disheartened me. I do a lot of reading and I've always been sure I could expand my range to a certain degree; of course I'm never going to be a tenor like James LaBrie, but I don't really care about that either. Let it be said that I'm still lacking in the technique department and that I was asking him if maybe, with the correct training, I could reach higher than I presently do. What do you guys think about all this? Of course you can't really tell without hearing my voice, I'm not asking for that. Just give me your 2 cents about the whole situation. Thank you!