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    Thats exactly what was worried about. I'm willing to put the time in but if I'm practicing rubbish techniques I'm not going to be successful. I might look into a subscription on skillshare, they have a free trial. I don't know if the teachers there are any better than youtube but its worth a shot. Thanks.
  2. cj00


    Thanks for your input. I'm trying to treat learning to sing the same as learning guitar. With guitar I followed a book which gave me a structured organized approach to learn. With singing I am only using the internet, which gives me 1000 different methods to follow. Is there any learning techniques you would suggest?
  3. cj00


    I'm interested in taking my singing from guy who sings in the car with the windows rolled up to windows down and singing proud. Any feedback would be great if you've got a sec. There's so much information out there but I'm just looking for a push in the right direction in terms of improving my singing. Take a look, tell me what you think. Thanks. https://youtu.be/adRM-pY0WRQ