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  1. Thanks so much for all the responses! I can't hit the higher notes with any consistency and it doesn't sound good when I do manage it so I shifted the vocal line to somewhere I could hit easier for the chorus. I can hear there's pitch issues but, as I understand it that can be a technique issue over just not knowing the song. I'm guessing with better breath control etc it will be more doable. I'm just playing it safe for now :) I don't really know what you mean by placement so maybe that is a little advanced for where I'm at now? I'm been practising some vowel mods and been doing lip rolls and the tongue exercise etc with different arpeggios and scales as my warm up in the car. That's supposed to help with open throat singing, I'm not sure I've got the hang of that yet but I'll stick with it. So in summary it seems like, slow down, check breathing, keep working on open throat, and work on consistency by doing monk impressions? And prob use lyrics and a lead sheet rather than blagging it haha Think I've got all that! Thanks
  2. Hey all, I'm new. I've been trying to develop my breathing and keeping my throat open etc. I'm not asking for a full vocal review (but if you insist I'd be grateful. All I'm asking is what you think I should focus on for now - here's a link to me singing some EJ. I kind of forgot the chords halfway through and should have had lyrics. That aside, what do you think is the most obvious thing that I need to fix so I don't suck quite as much?