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  1. I am working on my singing and have been taking lessons. My issue - I seem to do okay with head voice when I go above G4. However, when I try to see in the F4, G4 area on certain songs, it comes out “shouty” and harsh. I can hit the notes fine, but I am not getting quality. If it is a softer, quieter song, I don’t have this issue. I have this issue when trying to do fuller sounding notes in this area. I would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone cares to give. I am not a great singer yet and am trying to learn. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Very interesting info!
  3. Are there any other apps like Perfect Pitch? I am a beginner with singing. This app has different songs you can practice pitch with. I just wish it had more songs on there. There are only a few selections. I am doing some vocal training. At this point, I can reach a note of C5 without a whole lot of strain, and as high as F5 with some push. I just need more work on my pitch. I am not as good at recognizing pitch as I need to be.
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