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  1. I have always been amazed by those opera singers whose singer's formant (around 3kHz) can sometimes be as strong as their H2/H3/H4 spikes. I guess this is what makes the voice sound heavenly, and it's more dramatic in the theater than listening to a recording at home.
  2. Yes, I saw this video before, one thing that caught my attention was at 37:04, he said "to go up I have to close larynx more". But how do I close my larynx?
  3. When I looked at Pavarotti's voice on a spectrogram, it almost always have the strongest peak at H3 (third fundamental), sometimes even from as low as a C4, so it's not only on notes at or past his passaggio. I then did the same analysis for a few other well-known tenors and most of their voices also exhibit this behavior. When I looked at my voice I noticed that H3 is the strongest at lower notes, but once I hit B3 H2 starts to dominate H3, the higher I go the weaker H3 becomes. Granted I am a baritone but I can't seem to carry the stronger H3 through my passaggio, so I wonder if there
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