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  1. Thank you for your time, but I still have a doubt with what you said. If I sound like a tenor no matter what, that probably means I'm a tenor. But, if my natural vocal range (I think It's called tessitura) perfectly fits within the baritone classification, what does that mean? Even after proper training.
  2. What I meant, is a baritone with a genuine and true tenor sound that there's no way he can get rid of It.
  3. Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm new in this page/forum and I mainly joined because I have one big question I would like to ask you all. How is It called when a baritone has a tenor sound? Or, when a tenor is a normal tenor but just with the exception of the fact that, for some reason he owns a baritone natural range. I know you will probably come up with techniques, different ways to manipulate voice in recordings and stuff, I know, but I'm talking about a genuine tenor sound no matter which tricks or techniques are used. I think there's a famous singer who has this weird thing, Dustin Bates I think is his name? And there's another one who has the same "thing" in his voice but upside-down: Adam Gontier.