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  1. and doseint our singing squirel look so beautiful and elegant in his new cloths i was wearing muffins at the time You are a muffin! He should try taking them off and listing to what people are telling him
  2. That web site is full of time wasting little shytes, who think they are something they are not dont train study practice but condem the better work of other, the same kind of folk found on the jimmyshitforbrains and busking on the streets and open micers as I mentioned before in prevuis rantings. They had a forum on there but they took it down due to the arguing between myself and other members. Well its simple, David Icke now has a new saying which is if you can not win an argument then you dont have one, hence why all my posts where removed on the jimmyshitforbrains I was just about to close the jimmyshitforbrains files, but I have a new plan using the dubbed audio video thing I did on the other thread. And I will see if the jimmyshitforbrains bullyboys fall for the troll trap this time
  3. So you dont get any booking from complete strangers online then, its just every where I see them asking to hear your recorded vocals first before we can audition you. This site is a complete joke! If I was any good I wonder if I would get a good audiance busking on the streets
  4. Do you have a web site and youtube channel that people ask to see or not bother with it?
  5. So I take it you dont get booked online then? Who books you and your band?
  6. I think you are very wrong! have a quick look at these 3 sites then tell me if you still think I am wrong Because this is how its done nowerdays by online bookings! Duo and Trios
  7. See my most recent post about faking it, coz this whole thing is BS! What they do is they book a singer online with an online directory or a so-called agent if they want a singer. These people want someone for a birthday party or wedding and have never booked before in there lifes and probably next time they book another singer they completly forgot about the first one. What they do is they go online to book nowerday and go solo off of there online profile which includes photo, youtube videos and a bio The photos are generly a photo of them posing in front of a high end camera (all very well shot though) posing in a wood pretending or portraying to be a song writter, posing in a cafe pretending to be a film star, very rear will you see these signers advetising there live gigs with real photos of them on stage. Then we have the videos, make your own home made stage up at home or in an old mill/ warehoues and hire in 3 good cameras and sing to your backing tracks; then when done dub the audio with something out of the recording studios (dose not even have to be yours). Look at this guy And look at his video sang in a recording studio, or is it! well I think he's far to away from the mic to be able to sing properly like that, In a recording studio ay! whats the chances of its a fake recording studio with someone ells voice. But the agency Big Tree from Blackpool who he is working for (if you dear call them an agency) think it all real too! WOOOWEEEE WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!!!!! I guess to be a good singer nowerdays you dont need to be able to sing, so long as you can keep in timing with the song and mimick along, and as long as you are good with photography and filming and computer art work then that is all you will need, dose not matter if you are good or bad singer as the people who booked you will never book you again anyway. So long as the agency get paid for the performance then that is all they care as they can ditch you at any time when another one comes along, as there are plenty of tallented youtube channels out there!!!
  8. what stages have you been on then?
  9. I put the 2 recording together using a video edditing program thanks to comprohesive harol (or harold pooper). and duffed the video on one and duffed the audio on the other. This is what all the profesanol singers do nowerdays. They set a little stage up in there living room and hire the cameras in and record them self singing and dub the sound with sound from the recording studio (or sound from someone ells cover)
  10. So you did not fool for the troll trap this time then ay (never mind SLM will be next) Well to be honest with you why I had no shirt on actully had nothing to do with the emporers new cloths? My the T shirt for my uniform for Jeremys fool is green. And I shot the video on a green screen and poorly chromo keyed it out Hear is the video now have a look and listen and tell me how you find it different
  11. well you certainly did not do it off your 9.99 Tesco mobile phone I am fairly sure of that one! At the end of the recording I hear more then one voice talking so I presumed it was a band
  12. Do you want me to really explain to you why I am wearing no shirt, I mean why I am wearing no clothes then? Where abouts in the song do you hear fasseto?
  13. ooops looks like i have lost my crown Sound all right for your voice type! like the extra bit (different from original) you put on the voice in the middle and nearer the end Where did you record it? Are you in a band?
  14. Your not surgesting that the jimmyshitforbrains bullyboy crew could not be bothered to put the work in so instead decided to pretend it was imposible ( for those that did put the effort in) Anyway what do you think of my latest video
  15. 404 error page not found! I bet a penny fathing to a crown that the OP dose not return
  16. I tried the survay but gave up 3rd page, just saw the questions as erelivent
  17. breath support and allinement over strained your self maybe need rest
  18. Well now we have gotten those silly little idiots out of the way we can get back to buisness and discuss vocal tecneeks Hear Is my cover of you get what you give (constructive critisum welcome)
  19. Well it looks like my last account was banned and all my postings removed from the jimmyshitforbrains Shame because I did not get there fast enough to take a screen shot of one of jimmyshitforbraines cheif bullboys saying that the above song I posted on this thread, with me humming the notes was all howerly, when how can I be howling if I was humming the notes. Shame as that would of been BIG BIG EVIDANCE! But I did say I was wrapping the jimmyshitforbrains files up hear and hear is the conclusion
  20. I will have a look online for another score as they may of done many versions of this song, bit like staying alive done by the beegess steps and saturday night fever as I remember many different scores, and elvis little less conversation as well But anyway this is far better advice hear then over at the jimmyshitforbrains as by now all his bullyboys would of been out by now to say this tone deaf twerp obvusily can not tell the difference hear and is wasting his time, when infact it is them that can not tell the difference and are wasting there lifes on the jimmyshitforbrains
  21. the tops notes are the vocals played by a flue Face it MD you dont know whats going on hear any more then I do! But with any luck the great filipe-do-dar will be reading all this and may come along to offer some insight And maybe he has been reading my other threads too. Because I will be wrapping the jimmyshitforbrains files up on hear very soon! watch this space (must read, as ever)
  22. Have another look at the score, (for some reason) there are 3 notes being played together