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  1. Hi MDEW, I guess it is how the development of your stage persona has affected you; therefore, now you find it easier to talk to strangers. As I mentioned before, the persona is a real side of us; the side that we use where we feel the most confident (stage) not to be scared to show it. I guess now that you're in the process of your persona development, you will soon notice that that stage confidence will be implemented in your life. Hopefully, that integration will become one.
  2. Hi MDEW, the survey is conducted for the research paper that some singers might find helpful. So, in a way, it's a global contribution. I don't agree, not always, in my research, I will try to validate all the answers considering academic resources and previous studies. My survey is not about theatre type performance; it is not about actors; it is about the persona that we adopt; the persona that acts as an extension of our true self. I agree about the dancing part; it does require the particular degree of concentration that we all can achieve by practising regularly. However, here's the thing, what's the point of singing (telling the story) if you don't wish to share and instead chose to ignore the audience. Automatically, the performance without an audience or the consideration of audience in not a performance anymore.
  3. Hello everyone, I am a masters degree student from the University Of West London. Currently, I am in the process of writing my dissertation. Could you please help me out with filling in the survey for my dissertation that is about the stage persona? Please notice this survey is only for singers/vocalists. Thank you in advance for partaking!!!