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  1. same shit as the harmony forum infact what we are or wear seeing hear was or is a mirrow image of the harmoney forum Where over there it was me SLM and CD only bothering to contribute as opposed to hear its me SLM and MD
  2. sound in tack to me, but I am unformilier of the original to be able to compare it (even though its a famus singer)
  3. vocal mode petogogy MD is a thing of the past! Its now egos and X factor and remember to burn those 400 year old books past down from grampar to grampar as silly old nonsense
  4. forget it silly knocker! its just another 5 minute dream-trip-shit-fk-wit on a walter mitty do dar foolling ones ego, never to be seen hear/ of again They are all the same weather its hear, harmony central, computer generated game of redit or what ever they call that place, or the jimmyshitforbrains club or joinmyband.co.uk They are never going to make tuppence ha'penny headway out of the job ladee! because this is no way to run a business; remember!
  5. ok just listened to the 2nd one. Not much difference then the first except with out all the interfeance, its very breathy airy and unsupported. its like you are trying to sing in your comfort zone by singing in fassetto and not opening up your voice
  6. another member (time served and respected and everything on hear) posted on hear not so long ago about the problems of wisper singing. I did not listen to your second recording though, but if you do another recording please try and open your voice so we can hear you (we dont care if it cracks, as mine cracks too, see my other post)
  7. I done this short song tonight; and there is one particular part of the song i can not get right, its the oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. as you can hear at 30-40 seconds and 1.21-1.30 minutes long Any ideas please? https://vocaroo.com/i/s00tuI59gi8G
  8. From the first link. There seams to be too much interfeance going on in the background to hear and I can not hear you singing the notes because it seams like you are wispering them To put it bluntly! (as seen in my other posts) you are fooling! and fooling your self only
  9. night fever (the new musical) Was the Bee gees original in 1977, then the modern one I have done by kylie minogue, with all the EDM (bit like elvis a little less conversation) But still the notes of the melody/ vocals are still the same what do ya think? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1FOE3Kvxnv4
  10. vocal fry, is that the same mode as what is know as "grit" Are you saying to siren it at lower or higher register? this wispering thing! do you think it somehow relates to fasetto?
  11. that is because they have been indoctrinated through proper gander by our masters through the television consensors (interbreaded family blood line names like simon cowl). singing is music and music is entertainment and entertainment is one of the 13 family blood lined industries that they will use to conquer the world through a new world order (the 13 familys are represented as 13 layors of gold bricks on the pyramid of lucifer's eye which can bee seen on the reverse of the american seal and the reverse of a one dollar bill). So they want to keep this order to them selfs
  12. The reason I am questing the higher notes is because I was told I can not sing high notes well. Hear is a quick recording I have done of one of the songs in question (only done first chorus and verse) What do you think? https://vocaroo.com/i/s0Kca2MUxVV1
  13. I will give that a try if I get chance and post back; I did it with the eye of the tiger that was in the wrong octave (remember) but never got chance to record it. But I was given constructive critisum about this and I was told I am not singing the high notes well; so what do you think?
  14. Dont know about guitars; But pianos I dont think so somehow! E mayjor has 4 sharps and Eb mayjor had 3 flats and all of these flats and sharps are black keys. But this whole online sheet music is turning out to be complete BS!
  15. I dont know which online score I coped this from (please see attachment) as it was a while ago now. But there is more then just one note (as you can see from the photo) E or G#. How did you know it sounded lower then the original? is it because it sounds out of key or is it because you know the melody of the original Also what do the high notes I have sang sound like to you
  16. What do you mean by harmony to lead? In the song I am the lead singer, have you hered the original to know that it is a higher key?
  17. what do you think? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1NWKWbrcBXo
  18. sound good! and you have a good home record equipment there too
  19. sounds ok! think it is the only thing I have heard where I can not tell the difference if it is a female or male voice Where did you record it?
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