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  1. As I said before, i do not have to ability to produce the quality sound from a $100000 recording studio with my mk58 and 65 quid behringer mixer. GroovyGustavo is not daft! he suspected the recording was modified and I would guess it is like all of them realy
  2. yer what ever! but I have a video of myself on my home made stage mimicking to that audio link saved on my computer
  3. Im not on the trolling end at the moment; this is a very serious matter and no time to be joking about!
  4. PS further more to prove my point If reputation and quality and all of that ment a shit to the agencies then the bulk of them would audition you first and not be one bit intrested about your facebook and youtube channel. Sadly just about all of them dont audition and want to see what you look like on film first and only. Well this is why in previus lifes hear I talked about the TV/ computer screen being a 2D hollow graphic ellussion. People want to be lied fooled shafted and frawded otherwise the world would not allow its self to be what it is would it not?
  5. Yep but BS makes the world go round nowerdays remember These people who turn to a so called agency or online directory are looking to book a singer/ band for there wedding/ birthday party and to do it on the cheap and more then likely never booked a band or singer in there lifes! and if they did book again say in 10 20 years time thing will have moved on and all forgoten about They are not pubs clubs that hold live entertainment every weekend, If they are never going to book again then who cars how good or bad they sounded as long as the agent gets paid. and the agency say th
  6. Actually its not my singing and not my voice LOL! I purchase karaoke backing tracks from this site https://www.karaoke-version.co.uk/ The 4 different songs I uploaded, you can purchase them with the a singer covering the song in the same way you can with out a singer karaoke style. As far as I can hear all 4 of them are sang by different singers but I picked the 4 tracks for this experiment that the voices sounded closest together as I was trying to see if anyone was going to say they are all sang by different singers! Hear is an example https://www.karaoke-version.co.uk/instrumental-mp3
  7. your not seruisly been lead astray MD by your fellow house mates Did you do a little less conversation song by any chnace
  8. I though you said you where only 17yo and training for how long?
  9. ow I see then. where these other people online or real people you met?
  10. did you not say on another forum that you had never trained or practiced before?
  11. just got some new PA gear and putting it to the test. what do you think? https://vocaroo.com/i/s1fgh3ergemi
  12. Hear my latest song I am working on. Night Fever in the key of F may. First chord on the melody. Lis-ten to the ground, all in C
  13. Har har har! the words silly little melody springs to mind
  14. the cord of G may consists of G, A, B, C, D, E, F♯. there are always 7 notes (plus 1) to any chord Come on now MD you should no that won, your be fooling like SLM next
  15. I will try to find the youtube video where I got the exercise from later. As I remember it did mention something of a vacuum
  16. Well what makes you say that then? You exhale all off the air from you lungs what creates a lower pressure then before and hence a vacuum
  17. One of the exercises I do most days is exhale as much air out as possible (vacuum) and holding my breath for as long as I can
  18. There is one thing I noticed that people forgot to mention on a good way to sustaining good breath support. And that is singing with an empty stomach
  19. I do not understand what any of this means. But as a mathematician I am fascinated to find out! What do those two figures represent?
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