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  1. My speaking voice is in between, not too heavy, not too light. I did train for that sound, having various influences. Such as Freddie, MJ, etc..
  2. This is one of my favorite Freddie songs. I thought I'd do a little more softer songs that required more chest to head transitions and stuff. It's quite the emotional song. Tell me what you think. And what I can improve. Hope you enjoy!
  3. I don't understand the point of this thread? Pretending to be someone else is not really going to make you go anywhere? And if you do (Which in itself it's rare), you get caught eventually. Just one question, why?
  4. Sounds great man. I thought I Believe In A Thing Called Love was cool haha. Is there a little pitch correction software going on? Or is your pitch flawless lol.
  5. Online. Not many people who sing in my friend circle or anything.
  6. Huh? I said I didn't have formal training. Not that I didn't train. I think you misunderstood. I have trained for 7-8,9 years by myself with no formal training. With of course tips from other people.
  7. Yes, it's me singing the other tunes. Thank you. I like to experiment with a lot of different vocal stylings, textures. And yeah, House of The Rising Sun is a tough one. His high notes are really wide open and resonant, with like an AW sound, the more you open it the stronger the sound will get. You just have to find the right placement for them. Also if the close vowels he uses, like on "sewed" "only", etc.. give you trouble, just go to a open vowel then close it, that's how I do it. And let me say something, discipline can win over talent ANY day. AS you long as you have the resolve to do so. My highest note before was a strained E4, just for reference. It's a mix of both. I researched Ken Tamplins Vocal Academy, I have the course, but only use it once in a while because I also have my own methods. I MOSTLY record and listen, and make changes. Because I feel that's one of the only ways to grow as a singer. You have to know how your voice operates before you use it. Otherwise you may crash. Like a car.
  8. Thank you man! So, for my whole life I've been mostly self-taught, not really "formal training" as you would call it. But what I did do to train my voice was a lot of experimentation, a lot of trial and error of what worked and what didn't and I am STILL in that process. I always wanted to do hard songs from the get go, and some where just not possible at the time, but I still did what I could with them, because not only did it help me become a better singer, it helped my musicality grow as well, to find different ways to sing a song, but always carrying the same message which I feel is essential in singing. Hell no, I sucked when I was starting. Everyone does, I've probably worked on most problems people have here. Usually to practice something I lack, I pick a song that has a lot that which I don't have. And I practice it until I have it, other people may do scales. But I feel it's a waste of time unless you are having trouble with pitch, then they help. Because in my opinion you're not really going to sing scales in front of a crowd, you're gonna be doing songs and I just prefer to build up my experience singing songs and not have to worry of doing scales and then applying that to singing. But that's just my thinking because I am self-taught, a voice teacher would probably say otherwise, but that is just what helped me.
  9. So, here I am diving into Ronnie James Dio territory. First time really trying Dio's stuff. Please don't kill me. lol. All feedback is appreciated. Hope you like it!
  10. Oh, that's Queen haha. It's the instrumental track. But I left that in because I thought it would give that effect lol.
  11. @MDEW I'm tagging you, because you seem to be one of the veterans around here haha.
  12. @sideshow Thank you! I just record in my house. Make the best of what I can with my equipment. Nope, not in a band.
  13. Uh what? Maybe this works?