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  1. Recently I was playing with my voice and I felt some sort of up and down in the pitch which I tried again and it didn't happen so how can i develop it?
  2. https://voca.ro/jDb1WA0142f Link for reference
  3. Cause I thought high notes sounded strained especially that F5 and A#4 were not supported
  4. What does that mean? Heady mix or chesty mix
  5. Sir you can say it is mix or falsetto https://voca.ro/gMLoxhayf4H
  6. https://voca.ro/gMLoxhayf4H this is high note of you and I I have tried in both chest and head(or falsetto?)
  7. Actually I just sang a B4 in head voice or mixed or so I'm confused it was strong but not as strong as in chest voice also not AIRY and I'm interested in trick
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