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  1. Recently I was playing with my voice and I felt some sort of up and down in the pitch which I tried again and it didn't happen so how can i develop it?
  2. Link for reference
  3. How can I release the strain though
  4. Cause I thought high notes sounded strained especially that F5 and A#4 were not supported
  5. What does that mean? Heady mix or chesty mix
  6. Sir you can say it is mix or falsetto
  7. this is high note of you and I I have tried in both chest and head(or falsetto?)
  8. Actually I just sang a B4 in head voice or mixed or so I'm confused it was strong but not as strong as in chest voice also not AIRY and I'm interested in trick
  9. Actually my head voice sounds very airy which it shouldn't have to
  10. Yeah very easily accessible in head voice but my head voice doesn't sound good
  11. I'm most probably a male Baritone with range(A#2) D3-A4(C5) with age 17(voice still changing) I can go past A4 upto C5 but I have to strain very much for that which is not good for voice so any tips to reach that notes without using head voice?
  12. Here in the cover in the chorus part i want to know what key I'm singing in its G#4 or A4 and if it's look natural or not?
  13. Ya I too face troubles sometime belting G4s is there any way to overcome it?
  14. I am a Baritone whose voice range is from (F#2) A2-A4(A#4) I can Belt an A4 very comfortably after warming up my voice but that thing does not work with bb4 note give me some tips to belt my bb4 note and my passagio occurs at G4
  15. Here there is Too good at Goodbyes sang by me i want to know if i sung the pre chorus note in chest voice or in mixed voice please let me know master.mp4
  16. Ansh

    Vocal type

    The motive of asking it is can i go any higher in my chest voice? Also I have doubt if I have really accessed my mixed voice or was using head voice?
  17. I'm a Male 17 year old with a range of F#2-A#4(D5 in mixed voice) am I Baritone or tenor?
  18. Hi im a Male Baritone who can sing upto G4 with no problems and can go upto bb4 with support yesterday i was able hit the bohemian rhapsody tenor C 3-4 times but today my voice is little raspy and I'm not even able to support G#4 today what's the case?