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  1. Hi! I'm new to singing, but I really have received much feedback on my voice. I'm a little lost in direction with what kind of songs I should go for or if I am in the wrong genre altogether? ill provide some links to some songs that I have tried. I'm really really inexperienced and uneducated with music. I've never been through any vocal lessons, and I haven't been through a music class in my life. The only reason I'm giving it a try is when im at a karaoke night at a bar a lot of people tell me that I should really get into it? Let me know what you think and if I should continue? Also, g
  2. Link: https://youtu.be/WERaHzmllfo This is my cover that i did of “Dont Know Why” by Norah Jones. Any and all feed back is welcome. Please review this song and let me know how you feel I did on my cover.
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