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  1. So technically speaking, I am a pianist and percussionist. But I sing in the church band and play piano. I know I have much to learn about vocal tone, vowels, ect. I'm also not really vocally trained. But the frustrating thing is I feel like my range does not fit most music. On a good day, I can sing from an A2-E5 or F5. But the high range is pushing it. The highest that is comfortable to sing is D5. And I'm female. Does anyone else experience this? What are some good pieces of repertoire to work in this range? Also, like I said, I'm not really a trained vocalist. Please be constructive. I know there are a lot of things I do not do well. Please try to use comments that will help me improve. I try to watch videos online about vocal improvement. These are non edited recordings on my phone. I really appreciate it. These links stream through the onedrive player btw, no download. Shallow Range - How he loves Someone like you Think of me Rolling in the deep Oh Holy night <