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  1. That's really interesting about the cultural issues you mention, sounds liberating to have grown up or experienced that environment. Agreed that it is not the norm in the UK, I grew up with a loser of a step father whose main purpose in life was ridiculing others, I guess that went someway to forming my personality! I have a great tight group of friends but no one (apart from more distance friend who gave me the idea to start guitar) who is really into music in the same way as me. Yeah If I was someone who had a following on twitter for example I'd be clicking away at the mute button and blanking all those sad trolls.
  2. That was for kicking tone, sorry don’t how to quote post. ———- MDEW thanks that is useful advice, I am definitely ‘suppresser’ by nature and need to break out of that, it’ll take time to build my confidence to get the best out of my voice. I’m glad I started this journey anyway, I’ve already pushed myself way out of comfort zone so I may as well keep pushing.
  3. I’m sort of confused myself about my main motivation for learning, I think I wanted to broaden my own personal musical journey rather than someone who learns stuff on the guitar parrot fashion. I also love singing in the car and it feels satisfying when I can hit the notes correctly. I also like writing poems and ‘songs’ and these would never be ‘music’ unless I can sing them. Of course I also need to understand how to be creative with music. The more I thought about it, the good guitar players out there are generally more just people who have managed to get good plucking and strumming strings. Most can probably sing at least a little, also play another instrument to some level. I definitely have motivation to get better I’m just trying to be realistic. Thanks for your advice, very informative and interesting. I will try to love my voice! I guess being a non performer there is a lot I have to learn about expression emotion and confidence. And not everyone would like my sound whatever the case. Just thought of an obvious example of this, Liam Gallagher, I was a fan of Oasis growing up but really he has a really whinny nasally tone (especially nowadays) that a lot of people don’t but you get ‘used to it’ and it’s part of him.
  4. Hi all, apologies for the length of this. I’m a male in my mid 30’s, nearly zero music / singing / performing experience as a youngster. I Decided to take up guitar lessons a couple of years ago, (did a few at 7, gave up) still going, managed to get to grade 3. I’ve never really accompanied my playing with singing (guitar teacher suggested it early on when playing acoustic , I was horrified of the thought of doing that in front of him, aside from the difficulty of multi tasking etc) probably a big reason why I changed to electric. I downloaded a singing course last year and did that for a bit, though a couple of months ago I decided to take some singing lessons even though I’m shy so its a pretty big deal for me. I thought it could help with my musical ear and understanding of theory etc which are novice level, I also have been messing around on a keyboard for that purpose. I’ve always hated my speaking voice as its monotone and I think that shows through with my vocal tone. I’ve had about 8 lessons and I have improved a bit with scales, stretched my range somewhat, improved vocal break etc and my teacher just said she thinks I have a tenor range which I was surprised by as I assumed I’d be a baritone. I know that range doesn’t mean much if you don’t sound good, which is where my point is heading, ..my singing tone just sounds very boring, even if I’m hitting the correct notes, it just sounds dull, boring, uninteresting. Is it my physical makeup the reason for my general sound and if so is there any point in proceeding with practice if this is something that cannot be changed?? I mean I could spend a few years practicing, maybe get good enough to be in a band guitar wise (bit of a pipe dream) and then people would be like jesus with the sound of your voice we wouldn’t even want you to do backing vocals!