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  1. as you go higher the resonance moves higher up in your body
  2. out of all the songs he played, personaly i prefered the higher keyed one myself
  3. so your saying there are too many other verabiles going on to notice the quality difference in the drop of pitch/ key
  4. Well have another watch to this same story then Hear in the video he talks a bit about the history of the 432vs440 and then he playes several songs with his guitar tuned to 432 and then 440. Have a listen and tell me what tunning you prefer, I wont tell you me preferance yet as i dont want to infloance yours before seaing
  5. Looks like I got that bit wrong, it was A4 and not C4 Do you know if that was standard tuning before in the old days? do you think they had 12 notes per octave as like today?
  6. Dose anyone understand this video, did western mused used to be on a different frequency?
  7. I see people busking on the streets for hours on end One guy rapping to backing track all morning, but I would hardly class this as singing
  8. by loocking at the video ; just another scam to me!
  9. That group of people are anyone and any body passing on the street that like pop music The most favable are 1. its a raining men (mixed-k register, top note G#5) .2. the bee gees staying alive (falsetto, top note Eb5) 3. the bee gees/ Kayli manounge night fever (mixed k register, top note D5)
  10. But if you listen to the original from the great reptilian shape shifting chosen to be a singer from birth what ever the bloody name he was (cant remember now) he dose not pronounce the words in the song as they are
  11. Well the Great Davie over at the harmony central forum said as a rule (i guess when he is mixing and mastering) that pitch alteration is ok from 5-15% of the mix but 15-30%, then send it back to the singer But again there is allways work hear for a good sound engineer hear (like CD, SLM friend) if we are selling a hacked reality dressed up in a hollow matrix (TV and computer screen and more fun fooling harold! (pooper))
  12. There is no one person in this world that is pitch perfect (according to the great Davie of harmony central) otherwise we would all be robots (welcome to agenda 2030 and AI (artifisal intelegence) running the mind though the smart grid like the borg in star-treck) So there is always room for improvment with pitch changing software like melodine when mixing and mastering the track
  13. and where is your recording on neson dormar tradisanal? PS by the way I have sang this song before