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  1. [Short Premise] I am not big on singing or any music for that matter (wasn't encouraged in my family) So when I was told to shut up when I sang at home or school at 13/14 y.o I just had the burnt thought that my voice simply is bad and I was fine with it. I picked up guitar a year ago (now 23 y.o) and was once singing with a low voice alone and a friend said 'hey, your voice is not that bad' which got me thinking on whether it is at least average or if they were just flattering me. I do not wish to go pro or anything, I just want to know if with my current voice, practice will get me somewhere tolerable (that I can at least sing around a campfire or small gathering of friends without sounding like a goat) Thank you. https://soundcloud.com/user-696307600/505-recording (I am big on Arctic Monkeys)