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  1. I have uploaded And This Is My Beloved. I sang A Capella. I still had problems with 1 of the high notes but it is now O.K. I have asked people do they like my Bass Baritone or my tenor better. I have 2 votes for tenor. I am practicing My Way. In my biased opinion I will be better than Sinatra. I sing 1/5 down from his version and he had lost some of his wonderful quality of voice when he recorded. I have the pitch right. My voice quality is wonderful but my tempo is bad. Hopefully practice,practice practice. If I sing A Capella most people don't notice my major flaw.
  2. I am 81 years old and have always had a good voice, but not this good.  1 1/2 years ago I decided to learn how to sing when I was forced to completely retire.  I found a young women who is both a wonderful voice coach and a great singer.  As an immigrant she had problems getting recognized but is now starting a studio and I predict will be successful.  With her help my range increased to B flat 2 to F 5 including falsetto.  She is getting my chest voice up there so that I go to G4 all the time and higher on occasion.  My low note is now C2 but I hope to recover.  I thought my Old Man River was better than anyone I have ever heard and so I uploaded onto youtube.  I do not see how I can get that song reviewed.  I also uploaded And This Is My Beloved but I goofed and was flat on the high note so it was deleted.   2 women said I sounded like the tenor who originally sang that song.   I looked up who that was on google and listened on youtube and they are right.  My interpretation is very similar to his and our voices are very similar.  I hope to record when this virus makes it possible.   I am learning My Way.  I think I will be better than Sinatra.  I sing most of the song a la Johnie Cash and use my beautiful light Baritone for the high notes.  I am learning With A Song In My Heart.  My wife loves the my introduction.  I also can record Summertime and Unchained Melody using my mixed tenor. How do I ask for a listen?

    1. Robert Lunte

      Robert Lunte

      Neil, go to my facebook group, join the group and then post your singing for review there.

      here is the link:

  3. I have uploaded Old Man River to youtube. How do I get my song reviewed? I am 81 years old and have always had a good voice, but not this good. 1 1/2 years ago I was forced to completely retire and decided to learn how to sing. My wonderful coach has increased my chest vocal range by over 1 octave. I can sing in the quality of voice of Bass Baritone, Baritone, Tenor and mixed Tenor. In Old Man River I sing my Bass Baritone until the ending where I switch to Baritone and end with 1 note of Tenor. I also uploaded And This Is My Beloved but I goofed and the high note was flat so it was deleted.