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  1. Hey guys, so I've come to bit of a dilemma recently. My private vocal coach whom I've seen for almost ten years now always suggested to breathe through the nose. When I studied clasiccal/opera in college I was told to breathe through the mouth. Went to my private voice teacher with this topic and he said that mouth-breath is an old pedagogical school of thought, and breathe through nose is the proper way. What I was told by college professor: Breathe through mouth because it raises the soft palate and you can prepare your mouth/throat for the onset of the coming phrase. What I was told by my private vocal coach: Breathe through nose because through the mouth dehydrates the vocal cords at a faster rate and you with proper technique you'll have the raised soft-palate/prepared throat without needing to open my mouth. Conflicting articles: Nose: https://www.ceenta.com/news-blog/sing-strongly-with-nasal-breathing Mouth: https://www.oxfordsinginglessons.co.uk/breathing-for-singers-is-different-from-normal-breathing/ Which is the proper way? I admit I do feel the mouth breath sets my vocal mechanism up for the onset of the coming note a little better than nose-breath but mouth breathing does dry out the chords and when I have a four hour gig I can't really afford to do that.